domingo, outubro 16, 2005

qual o significado do seu nome?

peguei na suely que pegou na helenice

veja aqui

Star : Hebrew

Versatile, intelligent and artistically talented. You love to enjoy yourself and tend to experience a happy domestic life and material success. You have a methodical and thorough mind and are able to organise large projects easily. Charming and likeable and with more than your share of sex appeal you tend to find yourself in the spotlight and much admired by others. Life is more fun with you around.

Esther Maria

With a fine mind and gifted in speech you prefer to use intelligence to get things done and are always eager to learn. Your seemingly amiable and conservative manner subtly masks your ability to achieve results. Humanitarian and freedom loving you are admired by others for your intellect, wit and true friendship. With robust health and an attraction for new experiences you are sure to enjoy a most rewarding life.

tá bom.....

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